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Tis the season to drink beer and fish! As we are all gearing up to hit the rivers, lakes, and ponds let’s take a moment and consider that we all need a looong fishing vacation.
Don’t worry, we will give you the top states and spots to visit based on the fish you want to catch.

  • Best Bass Fishing State: Michigan – Lake St. Clair
  • Best Walleye Fishing State: South Dakota – Lake Francis Case and Lake Sharpe
  • Best Catfish Fishing State: Alabama – Millers Ferry Lake
  • Best Place to Catch Sturgeon: Missouri River or Mississippi River
  • Best Bluegill Fishing State: New Hampshire – Great East Lake
  • Best Trout Fishing State: Colorado – Rio Grande River

Now that you know all that information, I believe it is safe to say that we all will be taking the long weekend and casting our poles out on the water and sipping a beer without a care in the world.

As you are relaxing start planning your next trip for the following weekend and how knows, you may actually get a big catch.
For more top fishing spots across the USA check out:Top Fishing Destinations Per
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