Founded in 2008, Bonehead Outfitters is an apparel company with the highest respect for all things U.S.A. focused on hunting, fishing and freedom. Our founder, William Schoeben, was enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and paired what he learned serving his country with his Midwest values to launch Bonehead Outfitters. William served as our fearless leader and President before passing the torch to Barbara Schoeben, current President. Today, we're proud to maintain the same integrity, honor, and values that he laid as the foundation of this company.

Located in Hiawatha, Iowa, Bonehead Outfitters is an established brand here to serve your apparel needs with honor, courage and commitment. Our dedicated team are an enthusiastic and passionate bunch ready to make you a Bonehead fan for life. Bonehead isn’t just another apparel company, it’s a lifestyle.


Featured at over 200 retail locations across the United States and Canada, Bonehead Outfitters’ product lineup includes a variety of creative, witty and casual apparel. Bonehead products are perfect for those passionate about all aspects of the great outdoors and freedom. They are designed with one-of-a-kind artwork and crafted with quality materials – many of which are made in the USA by hard-working Americans. Bonehead is committed to serving both our retail and commercial customers with top-tier customer service, helpful sales support and timely packaging and shipping.